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Our Patriots

The following is a list of the ancestors of our members who served or supported the American Revolution.
The name, rank or patriotic service, and state of service is listed for each of our patriots.

Name Rank State of Service
Joseph Alden Corporal Massachusetts
Thomas Alderson Staff Officer Virginia
David Anderson Staff Officer, Patriotic Service South Carolina
Seth Babb Private Virginia
Jacob Barrett Private Connecticut
David Beaman Private New Jersey
Jacob Black Private South Carolina
William Blades Patriotic Service Virginia
Nicholas Boring Patriotic Service Pennsylvania
James Browning Private Virginia
Ellis Campbell Sargent New Jersey
Daniel Chandler Private New Hampshire
Moses Chaplin Private New Hampshire
William Castleman Private Pennsylvania
Silas Crane Private New Jersey
Thomas Dale Soldier, Patriotic Service North Carolina
Louis Delavergne Patriotic Service New York
Thomas Dickinson Private Pennsylvania
Peter Renaudet Fell Lieutenant Colonel New York and New Jersey
John Fletcher Soldier South Carolina
Thomas Fournier Patriotic Service Canada
John Gebhart Non Commissioned officer Maryland
David Goodrich, SR Patriotic Service Connecticut
Peter Hagar Lieutenant New York
Abiel Harding Sargent Major Massachusetts
John Hunt Private, Patriotic Service North Carolina
William Hutchison Captain, Patriotic Service North Carolina and South Carolina
Abraham Hyatt Lieutenant New York
Thomas Ijams Private Maryland
Jacob Keen Private New Jersey
William Kniskern Lieutenant New York
Hezekiah Lee Private, Patriotic Service Connecticut
Isaac Lenoir Patriotic Service South Carolina
John Jacob Lutz Private Pennsylvania
Hawell Magruder Civil Service Maryland
William Mays Patriotic Service Virginia
Thomas McCarty Sergeant, Patriotic Service Virginia
Daniel McJunkin Private South Carolina
Samuel McJunkin Civil Service South Carolina
Moses Meek Sergeant South Carolina
Daniel Reynolds Lieutenant Colonel New Hampshire
Jacob Rominger Soldier North Carolina
George Roush Private Virginia
Peter Rupert Corporal Pennsylvania
Amos Singletary Patriotic Service Massachusetts
Josiah Steele, SR Patriotic Service Connecticut
Jonathan Stone Captain Massachusetts
Edward Townley Private New Jersey
Thomas Trimble Soldier Pennsylvania
William Trogdon Patriotic Service North Carolina
Israel Vail Captain New York
Robert Williams Private New Hampshire & Massachusetts
William Woodford Brigadier General Virginia

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