Chapter Officers

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Osceola's 2022-2024 Officers

The following officers were elected at our April meeting and installed at our May meeting.  

They will serve a 2-year term beginning May 2022.

May 2022 New Officer Installation. From Left: Librarian, Historian, Registrar, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Chaplain, 2nd Vice Regent, 1st Vice Regent, Regent.

Osceola's 2020-2022 Officers

The following officers were elected via member consent in April and confirmed for a 2 year term beginning May 2, 2020.

October 2020 New Officer Installation. From left: Treasurer; Corresponding Secretary; Registrar; Historian; Recording Secretary; Vice Regent; Regent. Not pictured: Librarian; Chaplain.

Osceola's 2018-2020 Officers

The following officers were elected at the May 2018 meeting for a 2 year term: 


May 2018 New Officer Installation. From left: Regent; Manasota Regents Council Regent; Vice Regent; Chaplain; Corresponding Secretary; Treasurer; Librarian; Historian; Recording Secretary. Not pictured: Registrar.

Photos courtesy of Chapter Members

Past Regents


*Ida May Cook Markham1926-1928
*Mrs. J.S. Norris1928-1930
*Mrs. S.P. Harris1930-1931
*Mrs. J.S. Norris1931-1933
*Mrs. W.B. Crichlow1933-1935
*Mrs. W.I. Kirkhuff1935-1937
*Mrs. H.R. Curry1937-1939
*Alice Wright Hepburn1939-1941
*Mrs. Bert Hendrickson1941-1943
*Mrs. J.S. Norris1943-1944
*Mrs. Ed L. Littleton1944-1946
*Mrs. J.C. Rogers1946-1948
*Mrs. George L. Harris1948-1950
*Mrs. L. Tipton Young1950-1952
*Mrs. Eugene Crain1952-1953
*Mrs. R.L. McVey1953-1954
*Mrs. J.L. Dowd1954-1957
*Mrs. C.B. Stewart1957-1960
*Mrs. Maurice D. Gregg1960-1962
*Mrs. W. Kendall Meade1962-1964
*Mrs. B.K. Bright1964-1966
*Mrs. Robert L. Perry1966-1968
*Mrs. Charles Roy Kremi1968-1970
*Mrs. Edward G. Miller1970-1972
*Mrs. Curtis C. Bates1972-1974
*Mrs. Elizabeth H. Dyson1974-1976
*Mrs. W.M. Davis1976-1978
*Mrs. Robert A. DeSear, Jr.1978-1980
*Mrs. J. Laurens McMaster1980-1982
*Miss Alice L. Hughes1982-1984
*Mrs. W.S. Turner1984-1986
Mrs. N. Greene, Jr.1986-1988
*Mrs. William A. Fowler1988-1990
*Mrs. Minnie W. Wood1990-1992
*Mrs. Frank J. Reeves1992-1994
*Mrs. Edwin Hauber1994-1996
*Mrs. G.W. Taylor1996-1998
Mrs. G. McMillian1998-2000
Mrs. N Greene, Jr.2000-2002
G. Barshay2002-2004
*Barbara Browning Schulz2004-2006
D. Kermode2006-2008
L. Douglas2008-2010
P. Veeder2010-2012
*Dr. Mary H. Hudson 2012-2014
*J. Greene 2014-2018
G. Kodad2018-2020
J. Johnson2020-2022